My name is Rosie and I would like to support you on your journey to a stronger pelvic floor. My courses are comprehensive, easy to follow and contain everything you need to create a strong pelvic floor and banish sneeze pee, incontinence and symptoms of prolapse. All you need to add is dedication, determination and trust that you can do this.

During my search to find out why my first baby ‘got stuck’ I discovered natural movement and alignment. Not only did this help me find relief from chronic back, knee and period pain but also helped me see why some women suffer from pelvic pain, back ache and incontinence in pregnancy and postpartum.

I felt this information was so important that I did further training and developed my programmes to help with pelvic floor restore, pelvic pain in pregnancy and fertility programmes.
There is no bootcamp shredding here. Just gentle mindful movements, easy to implement lifestyle changes, relaxation, meditations, massage and journaling.