Hi, I am Rosie an Alignment and Movement teacher based in East Suffolk

I work on helping you understand how your postural habits effect your alignment and can impact your health. How and why it’s important to create a movement rich life.

I can offer help with:

  • Recurring aches, pains and injuries
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Preparation for birth and reducing common pregnancy ailments
  • Rehabilitation after birth
  • My aim is to support you to feel confident and trusting in your body and its’ abilities to function pain free.


Suffolk pregnancy exercise
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postnatal exercise
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pelvic floor restore
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I am a Pregnancy & Postpartum Exercise Specialist, Movement Teacher, Massage Therapist, Antenatal Teacher, Pregnancy Coach, Postpartum Specialist, Sling Consultant and Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Teacher.

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