Move better – feel better
Long term solutions to pelvic floor symptoms, diastasis recti, muscle and joint pain

If you are wondering why your symptoms won’t go away or why they get worse some weeks or after certain activities. Maybe you are frustrated that no matter how many kegels you do you just aren’t seeing any improvement.

Maybe you are wondering how you are going to fit any more kegels in or you are bored senseless of all those kegels.

If you are frustrated that bodywork sessions just don’t seem to give long lasting results

Your thinking that maybe surgery is the only option

Or maybe you’ve just resigned yourself to just having to deal with it.

I am here to help.

My name is Rosie and I’ve worked with women during pregnancy, early postpartum, years after they have had their babies and those who have never had a baby.

Positive results come from understanding your body, how your posture and lifestyle habits affect your symptoms and learning the corrective exercises and lifestyle changes you need to make for long lasting results.