Natural movement classes for whole-body health and well-being

◊ Helping you move better and feel better at anytime in your life

◊ Prepare for an active birth

◊ 1-2-1 Coaching to restore pelvic floor and core function

Create a Movement-rich Life

◊ Regain your natural strength, mobility and function

◊ Relieve and reduce back ache, nagging pain and recurring injuries 

◊ Prevent common signs of ageing such as hip pain,  knee problems and osteoporosis 

Birth Fundamentals

◊ Prepare for an active birth

◊ Relieve common pregnancy aches and pains

◊ Strengthen your core and pelvic floor

1-2-1 Coaching

Tailored programmes to help you

◊ Say goodbye to sneeze pee and incontinence

◊ Restore your core

◊ Relieve pelvic girdle pain

If you want to understand why these happen and importantly what you can do to relieve, reduce and prevent these issues you have come to the right place. Corrective exercises, postural adjustments and lifestyle changes to increase strength and function and prepare you for a healthy joyful life.

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