Do you want to feel strong and physically prepared for labour?

My antenatal classes are movement and alignment based.
Because getting more movement into your life and improving poor  postural habits create the foundations for a smoother, easier birth.

I developed these classes to reduce and prevent tension and weakness that could ultimately lead to a prolonged or difficult birth.

Birth Fundamentals is a programme that is designed to be gentle and effective for any stage of pregnancy to give you the strength, flexibility and confidence so you can trust in your ability to birth your baby.

I believe a full antenatal education also provides an education for your partner so they can feel confident and learn the skills they need to support you during pregnancy and to learn all you need to know about caring for your baby.




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I am a Pregnancy & Postpartum Exercise Specialist, Movement Teacher, Massage Therapist, Antenatal Teacher, Pregnancy Coach, Postpartum Specialist, Sling Consultant and Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Teacher.

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