If your previous birth has left you with worries and anxieties and you want a course that will help you feel fully prepared emotionally and physically, this course is for you.

Using a combination of art, journaling, fear release, meditation, as well as exercise and practical birth preparation will leave you feeling confident and prepared for your birthing journey.
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Relief from the annoyance, frustration and despondency of sneeze wee, incontinence & symptoms of prolapse.

With this programme you will strengthen, lengthen and release muscle tension to bring your body back into balance and regain a strong, functioning pelvic floor. Click here to find out more

Hi, I’m Rosie. Finding that art, journaling and fear release exercises really helped me to get over a traumatic birth, prepare for a consultant-led birth whilst grieving a home birth and, after the death of my baby from a life limiting condition at 6 months, followed by a miscarriage at 10 weeks helped me to grieve and be ready to welcome a new baby into my life and freebirth.

During my search to find out why my first baby ‘got stuck’ I discovered natural movement and alignment. Not only did this help me find relief from chronic back and knee pain but also helped me see why some women suffer from pelvic and back pain and incontinence in pregnancy and postpartum.

I felt this information was so important that I did further training and developed my pelvic floor restore and Better Birth Method programmes