Hi, I am Rosie an Alignment and Movement teacher based in East Suffolk

I work on helping you understand how your postural habits effect your alignment and can impact your health. How and why it’s important to create a movement rich life.

I can offer help with:

Recurring aches, pains and injuries

Pelvic floor dysfunction

Preparation for birth and reducing common pregnancy ailments

Rehabilitation after birth

My aim is to support you to feel confident and trusting in your body and its’ abilities to function pain free.


Pregnancy and Postnatal Alignment and Movement Specialist in Suffolk

Adding the missing elements to antenatal education – physical specialised birth preparation exercise classes.

Private Sessions





Here is where you learn to take control of your body during pregnancy and postpartum.

 Joining my unique programmes will help you:

 have a smoother easier birth 

 feel strong & energised postnatally 

 heal pelvic floor dysfunction

 feel fully prepared for birth

 feel confident about caring for your baby

Suffolk pregnancy exercise
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Feel strong & energised postnatally CLICK HERE
pelvic floor restore
Heal your pelvic floor CLICK HERE






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I am a Pregnancy & Postpartum Exercise Specialist, Movement Teacher, Massage Therapist, Antenatal Teacher, Pregnancy Coach, Postpartum Specialist, Sling Consultant and Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Teacher.

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