1:1 Sound Baths

Imagine laying on rebozos – wide shawls- and being gently rocked, first your head, then shoulders, lower back, pelvis, legs and feet.
The gentle supported lifting and rocking is like being rocked ina cradle, soothes and comforts, allowing you to release and let go. As each part of your body is fi ished being rocked the reboots are wrapped round you,, cocooning you in warmth and helping support your body, bringing it together, closing it.

Then imagine in this lulled and cocooned state you spend time being soothed even deeper to the sounds of drum, gong, singing bowls, seed rattles and chimes.

Then silence for you to float in the peace and stillness.

Before being gently unwrapped as you come back to the present moment.
There may even be hands on massage to your head or feet. If that feels right to you.

A beautiful sacred experience of being back in a womb-like state that helps you to reset and feel supported, grounded and centred.

“A wonderful relaxing experience which sends vibration to the centre of my soul”

1 hour sessions £50

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