Restore Your Pelvic Floor Programme, Suffolk

Naturally Heal Leaking, Sneeze Pee and Prolapse

If you struggle with pelvic floor weakness and are familiar with ‘sneeze pee’, you’re not alone. Whether you have recently given birth or are years down the line, it is only natural that your pelvic floor becomes weakened during and after pregnancy – but that doesn’t mean we need to put up with frequent mishaps!

In our 12 week realignment and natural movement course in Suffolk, you can rehabilitate your pelvic floor dysfunction without surgery – or give your surgery the best chance of being successful.

Why You’ll Love Our Pelvic Floor Strengthening Programme:

  • Regain strength and function to your pelvic floor
  • No more ‘oops’ moments.
  • Get back to the active life you love.
  • Prepare for your next pregnancy

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There is more to pelvic floor rehabilitation than kegels!

Kegels are often thought of as the go-to exercise for pelvic floor weakness. Commonly known as the ‘squeeze and release’ exercise, it is not only difficult to teach (25% of women are not doing this exercise correctly in the first place) but can often make the problem worse.

To effectively strengthen your pelvic floor, you need a whole body approach.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation with Labyrinth of Nurture

I am offering a new way to help you restore strength and function to your pelvic floor. A whole-body and lifestyle approach is essential to rehabilitating pelvic floor dysfunction. In this programme you will learn exactly what exercises you need to be doing and how to do them correctly to get the best results.

Simple lifestyle changes are also important – for example did you know that the type of shoes you wear can have an impact on your pelvic floor?

How It Works

During this programme you will learn breathing techniques, postural changes, corrective exercises that teach you how to stand, sit and move in ways that release pressure on and strengthen your pelvic floor.

52% of women who have pelvic floor issues also have abdominal weakness, known as diastasis recti or ‘mamma pooch’. It can lead to back, hip or pelvic pain because the abdominal muscles aren’t strong enough to help hold your body up. A wonderful side effect to this course is you will also reduce those nagging aches and pains.

Our Ipswich based 12 week pelvic floor dysfunction programme will guide you and fellow mums through all the exercises you need and ensure you’re doing them correctly so that you gain all the benefits and don’t make your problem worse. You will also learn the essential lifestyle changes you need to make so you regaining strength as you go about your day.

Book Your Place Today

Small class sizes so you get the attention and support that you need.

One payment of £120 or 3 monthly instalments of £40.  Classes held in Ipswich.

There is currently a class that is running until March that is fully booked. If you would like to register your interest for the next course please email me.

Classes run in Ipswich and Gosbeck