Sound Bath

Sound baths are a great way to get deeply relaxed and let go of all worries and stress.

They can help you sleep better, give you a more positive outlook on life, relieve stress and anxiety related issues and can even help reduce physical pain.

I love running these sessions – nothing like having a group of people together and telling them to lay down and rest while I play them some beautiful instruments.

It’s held in a beautiful venue in the Suffolk countryside, easy to get to from Ipswich, Eye, Stowmarket and Woodbridge We have an hour sound bath followed by an hour to have a cup of tea and a natter.

A sound bath is a meditation with music – if you have been recommended meditation to improve your physical and mental health but find it hard to meditate then a sound bath is just the answer.

Come along to the quiet and peaceful village hall in Hemingstone and enjoy an hours sound bath followed by a cup of tea and chat.

Time: 10am to 12pm
Where: Hemingstone Hut, Bulls Road, Hemingstone IP6 9RG

What to Bring: yoga mat, blankets, cushions whatever you will need to make yourself comfortable and wear comfy clothing. Water bottle.

Click the link below for dates and to book your place