4th Trimester Workshop

This workshop is designed to teach you what babies need and how best to provide this, meaning you will feel confident in reading their cues and trusting your instincts.

It is commonly said that babies don’t come with a manual. Parents can often feel out of their depth when they come home with their baby and feel ill-equipped to deal with this tiny human.

Baby’s sleep habits – what is normal and what is not

Feeding habits – the essentials you need to know for feeding your baby

Tips and techniques for soothing and calming your baby

Essential nutrition tips for you so your postpartum recovery is as smooth as possible

How and where to access help if you need it

A sling is probably the best parenting tool you will need it can be used to soothe and calm your baby, promote sleep, allow you to get on with daily tasks and keep your baby close. It is more convenient out shopping, on walks or at events. It can help reduce the likelihood of postpartum depression and help you read your babies cues. Which is why it plays an important element in this workshop and a sling is included as part of it.

I have built up a considerable library of birth and baby books which are often referred to or recommended on many parenting sites, having attended this course you will have be able to borrow books from this library on a weekly or monthly basis for the proceeding 6 months.

Workshop cost £67 includes sling and access to book library