When I was pregnant with my first baby my main concern was working on my emotions, feeling confident, rather than terrified of birth and so I was relieved to find hypnobirthing. I went to a weekly yoga based exercise classed and loved being part of a group, watching as women would leave at the end of their pregnancy and getting closer and closer to my due date.

I was lucky enough not to have any aches or pains during this pregnancy and felt wonderful and enjoyed every minute. I felt prepared for birth and was starting to look forward to the experience.

However, my labour stalled about an hour after my waters broke, contractions were coming but my baby wasn’t moving downwards and so I was transferred to hospital for an instrumental delivery which was pretty traumatic and left me with a slow recovery.

I started my antenatal teachers training journey about a year later and learnt about Spinning Babies and shortly after that I cam e across a biomechanic who was pregnancy herself and I started on a hugely immersing journey of learning about my body. Is lowly realised that there was a reason (or several) that my birth went off course and there were things I could do to make changes.

I read Spinning Babies avidly and wondered how it would be if women were helped to make changes in their body – gain strerngth, release tension during their pregnancy rather than trying to fix things in labour or towards the end of pregnancy.

And so with my mind set on this I started training and learning and putting things in to practice. My next two births were natural – one under a very stressful situation and one a relaxed healing homebirth.

The exercises and lifestyle changes I made during the years had such a positive impact on my pregnancies and births I started working on designing a course for all pregnant women.



Early pregnancy – having fun



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Rosie Dhoopun is a mother of three. A Pregnancy & Post-natal Exercise Specialist, Movement Teacher, Massage Therapist, Antenatal Teacher and Pregnancy Coach. She helps women truly understand their bodies by incorporating movement, corrective exercises and lifestyle changes that allow them to feel in control of their body’s, so they can enjoy their pregnancies, have a smoother birth, recover quicker postpartum and embrace the changes motherhood brings.

Rosie runs her classes and workshops in the heart of Suffolk at various venues.

In her spare time Rosie has a dream of circus stardom and can be found chasing a hoola hoop round the garden as she attempts to learn new tricks.


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