From riding instructor to movement teacher

In 2004 I was made redundant from my admin job. I have to be honest this type of job was really not for me – my first job was as a riding instructor and groom which I loved but the long hours and minimum pay took their toll.

Fancying a complete change of direction I trained as a massage therapist and immersed myself in alternative and complementary therapies – which helped me overcome depression. I always had back and knee pain from when I was quite little and I never got any clear answers as to what was wrong – I would go tot an osteopath for a few sessions and it would ease for a bit but then would start again. As for the knee doctors told me all sorts of odd things and even exploratory surgery couldn’t find anything mechanically wrong here.

2008 I had my first baby and became a real birth geek, I loved learning everything about birth and wanted to work in this area so qualified as a baby and toddler yoga teacher and then in 2010 was ecstatic to become a Daisy Birthing Antenatal Educator.

I loved supporting women on their pregnancy journey and I was excited to discover an article by Katy Bowman who talked about squatting and birth. The more I read her blogs the more things started to fall into place for me.

Alignment was the key to my back and knee pain, or more to the point my misalignment. I began following her blog, watching her videos and reading her books. I completed her training to become a Healthy Foot Practitioner (a confusing term for us here in the UK as this is about alignment and strengthening rather than fixing corns and bunions).

I am amazed at how much alignment and then using natural movement has relieved my back pain and knee pain. How much stronger I feel and how I no longer feel like my body is letting me down or is poorly designed (a myth my mother used to tell me all the time)

I am excited to bring Natural Movement and alignment classes to you so you can experience feeling in control of your body and enjoy being more mobile and more agile. I love how it works perfectly as birth preparation, postpartum healing and for everyone from all walks of life.

I look forward to showing you how moving better will make you feel better

Rosie Dhoopun is a mother of three. A Pregnancy & Post-natal Exercise Specialist, Movement Teacher, Massage Therapist, Antenatal Teacher and Pregnancy Coach. She helps women truly understand their bodies by incorporating movement, corrective exercises and lifestyle changes that allow them to feel in control of their body’s, so they can enjoy their pregnancies, have a smoother birth, recover quicker postpartum and embrace the changes motherhood brings.

Rosie runs her classes and workshops in the heart of Suffolk at various venues.

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