Birth Fundamentals (weekly classes)

Are you pregnant and looking for an exercise class that is specifically designed to prepare your body for birth?

Birth Fundamentals is a unique birth preparation alignment and movement class created to make your pregnancy more comfortable, to get your body stronger and more balanced and allow your baby to get in the best position for birth.

Birth Fundamentals will help to reduce and prevent common pregnancy issues and will prepare the foundations for a smoother, easier birth.

This unique class is perfect for you

  • Whether you exercise regularly or have never exercised before
  • If you are currently having back, hip or pelvic pain
  • If you want to get your baby in the best position for birth
  • You want to make sure the exercise programme you choose is specifically tailored for birth preparation.
  • Whether you have just found out you are pregnant or in your third trimester
  • You haven’t previously followed an exercise plan but want to make sure you are fit and ready for birth

Birth Fundamentals is an antenatal exercise programme specifically designed to target common pregnancy ailments whilst working on the areas needed to be ready for birth.

  • Learn essential daily exercises that you need to do during pregnancy for a smoother, easier birth
  • Learn how moving better will help you to feel better, fitter, stronger and ready to birth your baby
  •  Movements, stretches, muscle releasing and muscle strengthening exercises to enable you to be mobile  and strong during pregnancy for an easier, smoother birth
  • Small classes in a friendly, caring and confidence building environment
  • Relieve back ache, hip pain, pelvic girdle pain
  • Learn how to help your baby achieve the optimum position for birth and why this is so important
  • Suitable for any stage of pregnancy.
  • Resolve and prevent many common pregnancy issues, and help postpartum recovery.
  • Beautiful, effective relaxations that help you to connect to your body

More than your traditional exercise class, Birth Fundamentals is a 6 week birth preparation  programme that takes a whole-body and whole-life approach to pregnancy health and birth preparation.

Next programme starts on Saturday 6th October 9am – 10am at Rushmere Village Hall, Humber Doucy Lane, Ipswich IP4 3PB

6 Week programme cost £77
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