Do you need a baby cow to help you walk better?

Walking is taken for granted by many of us. It’s a big milestone in the majority of babies development and once we’ve mastered it we don’t really think about it much.

Walking is really good – so many mental and physical health benefits daily walks make a perfect regular exercise activity. It’s a way to get some active meditation, some thinning time, a way to build a community, explore nature, go o an adventure. A way to connect with each other.

Sometimes though, our postural habits developed over our life can impede the benefits of walking.

Shoes limit the mobility in our feet creating a flat footed walk which makes falls more likely , limits the bio-feedback from the ground making balance more difficult.

Tight quads equal increased knee flexion and increased likelihood of damage.

Weak glutes mean you are over-using your hip flexors to achieve forward motion. Culminating in falling from foot to foot rather than being able a controlled motion which creates a mini whiplash effect causing stress to your shoulders and neck.

Becoming balanced, strong and aligned using exercises are the foundation for ensuring that you walk in a way that is truly beneficial for your body.

If you occasionally or frequently have back pain, knee ache, sore feet or neck ache that seemingly appear from nowhere or are a background noise in your life, then alignment and restorative exercises will make all the difference for you.

One of the best exercises to make a start on re-aligning is the calf stretch. You can set this up to do all round the house and even when you are out walking.


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