Stop letting sitting cause you pain

Sitting is hard to not do in our society – whether it’s working at the computer, driving a car, going for a meal or a coffee, being in a lecture or at school. Even our down time consists of sitting.

Sitting certainly creates so many issues from muscle and joint pain, poor circulation, decreased energy levels. This can’t be offset by an hours exercise class as the symptoms from excessive sitting don’t just fall away during exercise.

Sitting causes shortened calf and hamstring muscles that create strain on the back and pull the pelvis forward (creating a weaker pelvic floor) if you exercises with these shortened muscles you simply create more tension, more tightness and more chance of injury or damage.

The same is true of trying to simply swap sitting for standing – you not only take those same issues with you but you also create different ones form trying to stand for hours on end.

Creating opportunities to move more during your day is important and making a habit of fitting in corrective exercises will help to reduce symptoms and still get your jobs done.

Bolstering when you sit so you keep your pelvis aligned and avoid stress to your back. You can sit badly on a gym ball so knowing how to sit properly is key rather than just buying a different chair.

Mixing up sitting and standing helps and there are now lots of ways to create workstations that are able to be for sitting of standing. Be aware of your alignment when you are standing

When you are standing do this exercise

Set an alarm every hour and take a 5 minute break to do some stretches and give your eyes a break.

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Rosie Dhoopun is a Movement Teacher Pregnancy and postnatal alignment teacher and personal coach. She teaches workshops, classes and one-to-one coaching in Ipswich and online courses coming soon.


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