Tackling back pain

Back pain is such a common problem these days. One that definitely needs an approach that takes into account your postural and lifestyle habits.
Often back pain is a symptom of a broader problem – which can include a mix of the type of shoes you wear, the activities you do, your postural habits, the work you do and how you use your body.

So treatment needs to explore all those things to see what changes you need to make. If you don’t explore all the aspects then you will find that nagging pain coming back more often and gradually getting worse.

Your body does not act in separate pieces it is all joined together via muscles ligaments and fascia, which means that tension in one area affects places higher up or lower down in your body.

Back ache is seen as a hugely common problem and a lot of time and money is spent on creating ergonomically correct office set ups that further exacerbate the problem.

7 steps to reducing back pain

1) Get rid of high heels! Any heels for that matter – these compress and damage your lower back increasing your chance of disc degeneration and osteoarthritis.

2) Sit less on chairs and bolster when you sit.

3) Align your feet – they need to point in the direction you are going to support your pelvis and back

4) Stretch your calves – tight calves cause a whiplash like affect on the upper spine

5) Build your gluteals – so they can help support the function of the lower back

6) Do the psoas release daily

7) Switch up how you carry your bag – swap shoulders, carry it on your back or carry it in your arms.

Rosie Dhoopun is a Movement Teacher, Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise Specialist, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Diastasis Recti Consultant. She runs classes in Ipswich, Suffolk and has some online courses.

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