Are your clothes movement friendly?

Over the weekend I was doing some work in the garden, getting ready for planting some green manure which is exciting as I haven’t done that before.

I was wearing my ‘gardening’ trousers and after a while I realised how difficult it was for me to get down and back up from the floor with these on. Rather than the smooth squat down and controlled sit that I have been practicing, I was having to twist and put my hand down behind me to get down there.

It has been a year since I wore these (because it was a year ago today I quit my part time horse job to concentrate on my movement teaching. So in that time I have been wearing clothes that were easy for me to move in.

Foot friendly shoes are talked about a lot but not very often that you hear about movement friendly clothes.

So how are your clothes? If you separate your wardrobe into ‘exercise clothes’ work clothes, going out clothes’, are you creating times when it is harder for your body to move as it needs to?

Do you wear body shaping garments that put pressure on your abdominal contents, your pelvic floor, and back?

Do you wear rib restricting bras? (do you ever go bra free so your boobs are able to move freely – which is really important for circulation – especially if you are breastfeeding.

Can you sit down and get up again as easily in the clothes you wear for work as the clothes you wear to workout?

Basically I am asking do you have exercise clothes and ‘sedentary’ clothes, that restrict movement, circulation, breathing and all the ways your body needs to move internally as well as externally?

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