You have your own super hero cape!

I love this image it shows you how stiffness and rounding your upper back can have an influence on your pelvis position, and then your pelvic floor.

You can feel this for yourself – imagine you do have a cape on and you are sitting on it. If you hunch over – like we all do when sitting reading or working on a computer you can feel the cape pulling on your pelvis – imagine doing that for hours every day and it makes sense that your back and shoulders ache and your pelvic floor takes so much downward pressure.

Now I bet you’ve just sat up while reading this!

But, here’s the thing when we go to sit up straighter we have a tendency to stick the chest out and hollow the lower back. What you need to relearn is how to use the muscles in your back without using your chest.

One last bit – because it is interesting and relevant. Can you see how that big muscle also attaches to your arms? So the position of your arms can also have an affect on your whole back and pelvic floor as well.

When you sit and type your arms are inwardly rotated so your fingers can use the keyboard. We tend to get ‘stuck’ in this position pulling on the back muscles and losing mobility in the whole shoulder joint (where your arm is joined on to your body).

Getting stuck here means that if you lift your arms above your head or try to turn your palms up towards the sky you end up having to involve your shoulder blades and chest.

We need to work on ‘unchunking’ all these joints and muscles and parts so they can work independently and don’t cause stress and strain on other parts of the body.

Rosie Dhoopun is a Pelvic Floor Coach, Pre and postnatal exercise teacher, massage therapist and trained in a variety of postpartum support techniques and antenatal support techniques.

She runs courses online at

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