Why alignment and movement programmes are so important

Alignment is how the body is designed to fit together and move. A body in alignment is balanced, strong, flexible and able to walk, run, lift, carry, squat throw, and move through life without injury, strain or pain.

Injuries on the whole are caused by movement on a body that isn’t balanced properly and that has some weakness or tension in muscles.

On top of that we live a sedentary lifestyle.

What does that mean?

Well, how many hours do you spend sitting or standing compared to how much time you spend walking, running, cycling or other forms of exercise? If you exercise which parts of your body do you use? For example if you cycle your legs move but do your arms? No, your arms are in same position as when you are on the computer, chopping vegetables or on your phone.

If you are playing tennis you are using your arms and shoulders in the same ways repeatedly, leaving out a lot of other ways your arms and shoulders are able to move. For any type of exercise you can see the same patterns – limited range of movements repeated over and over, which means that even if you believe you are active you are still in a lot of ways lacking huge amounts of movements in your life.

Gradually your body becomes stiff, muscles become tight or weak and pull joints and bones out of alignment so you are then moving all day everyday in misalignment. This causes unexplained injury, chronic aches and pains, recurring injury, pelvic floor dysfunction and abdominal separation. During pregnancy and childbirth these issues are exacerbated because of the extra weight of your baby and so cause what are perceived as common pregnancy issues and can even impact on how your birth goes.

What do they involve?

Alignment and movement classes work on exploring where your stuck parts are, where you need to strengthen and where you need to release tension so you can allow more movement to your joints or as in the case of hypermobility or third trimester of pregnancy prevent joints from moving too much.

These programmes help you become more aware of your body, how it is working, why it may not be working as well as you want it to and gives you tools in the way of exercises to improve function.

The key however, is not in just doing the classes or just doing the exercises but in recognising that you are ‘movement deficient’ and working on ways to increase the range and variety of movements during your whole day.

These programmes help you to reconnect to your body so you stop thinking of yourself as broken or weak and ineffective but instead see how it has done it’s best to help you live your life despite restricted movements.

All your ache, pains and dysfunction are a culmination of a sedentary, movement deficient life and these programmes are your chance to make simple, easy, safe and effective changes to help your body be pain free.

Start your journey to better health

Your journey to better health starts once you sign on to one of my programmes. If you are interested in coming along to an introductory workshop email rosie@labyrinthofnurture.co.uk to register interest or to book.

24th November Rushmere village hall, Humber Doucy Lane, Ipswich  10-12pm £25

Woolpit – date and time tbc £25

Woodbridge Date and time tbc £25

Bury St Edmunds Date and time tbc £25


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