Body Alignment and Foot Health

I have suffered with chronic back ache all my life, relieved for a few months by visits to a chiropractor before degenerating again. I also have had knee pain for as long as I can remember. I have a drawer full of orthotic inserts, the ‘complete set’ of neoprene joint supports – back, knee, elbow and wrist. I have even had investigative surgery on one knee to try and find out the reason that my knee was intensely painful and often ‘gave way’ leaving me in agony on the ground. I have a bunion on my left foot which used to be incredibly painful, but I was assured it was hereditary because my mother has one, her mother had one, her mother had one – it was what women in our family developed. I also used to get the most uncomfortable itchy, tingly, feet which could never be relieved. (this happened mostly at night and caused much sleeplessness)

I discovered a blog post ‘KatySays’ back in 2009 and started on a journey of discovering how the human body works, what alignment is and how it is different from posture, how gait can affect everything from foot pain to shoulder pain. I also made the amazing discovery that bunions are not hereditary.

Most important, though, was the understanding of my chronic back and knee issues. Which came down to how I used my body both mobile and at rest. The blog contained simple exercises which showed up extreme tightness in my calves and hamstrings and showed my crookedness whilst walking and standing.

30 -odd years of using my body incorrectly is taking a while to alter though, as you would expect. It is also taking a while to relearn some basic thought patterns that we are all brought up to believe. As someone who used to work with horses and so did lots of heavy lifting I went on many manual handling courses and ‘lift with your legs, not your back’ was a common mantra. However as Katy Bowman explains in a great video – this isn’t clear enough and can cause stress on your back. Keeping the back flat and using the hip joints as a lever is the way to go. (here look at the video she explains it so much better)

I had the opportunity to purchase her video series and sign up for her Foot Health Course (which is not a podiatry course!) which is helping me to learn to solve all my body aches and pains. It has given me the desire to want to share this with lots of people! So I took the Foot Heath Practitioner course (which I completed earlier this year).  (and yep my bunion doesn’t hurt anymore, I am getting more mobility in my feet, I don’t get cramps or tingles anymore, my knees don’t hurt and my back pain is decreasing (and I can’t tell you how wonderful that is after all this time of believing I had a faulty body)

So if you would like to learn more and start the journey to better health and pain free movement have a look here 

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