Can you release your pelvic floor?

Can you relax your pelvic floor?

Not the first thought that comes to mind when you are working on strengthening your pelvic floor, right?

It seems pretty counterintuitive to relax something that doesn’t seem to be strong enough to prevent wee leakage or to hold your organs in.

The best pelvic floor exercise needs to have an emphasis on releasing.

The fact is that the majority of instances of pelvic floor dysfunction are caused by an overtight pelvic floor.  Muscles that have become short and tight are weak and unable to do their job. If you did kegels with an already overtight pelvic floor you will be creating even more tension and your symptoms will not improve and could actually get worse.

So how can you tell if you have a tight pelvic floor?

It can take a bit of practice. Close your eyes take a breath and as you breath out take your focus to between your legs. Do you feel like you are holding a kegel there? Take your time – you may never have been asked to turn your attention to this area before.

Learning to release your pelvic floor

Work on allowing your pelvic floor muscles to release. As you inhale imagine these muscles relaxing and yielding. As you exhale imagine them gently rising. No clenching or forcing just allowing the muscles to gently rise and release as they need to.

This is something you can do during the day – especially if you start to feel yourself getting tense – take a few moments to allow yourself and your pelvic floor to be soft.

Try this exercise to help release your pelvic floor muscles.

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Rosie Dhoopun is a Movement Teacher specialising in pregnancy and postpartum exercise, pelvic floor rehabilitation and antenatal education


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