Convenience of slings

Summer is here and it’s time to think about planning getting out and about with your babies and children. This is where slings really do come into their own – so many different types available that there will be something that suits your needs and budget.


They are small enough to fit in a bag and give you the advantage of being able to get to places which are not buggy friendly. Children get to have a good view and stay safe in crowded places. It’s easier to get around in small spaces or paths and to hold hands and talk to older children.  (Or your other half)


Getting into cafes, pubs or restaurants is easier and you don’t have to worry about finding a safe place to leave your buggy while you eat. With a sling you can use a variety of positions back, hip or front to please all moods and save your arms.


Whether breast or bottle feeding you can feed your baby discreetly and on the move if necessary.

Whatever the weather throws at you there ware ways to be cool, warm or dry.

Slings aren’t just for tiny babies – there are ones suitable for children up to preschooler age. So even if your little one is walking you have a way to carry them when they get tired.



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