Does pregnancy Cause pelvic floor problems?

We’re certainly lead to believe it does, which is why kegels, those squeeze and release exercises, are taught in virtually every pregnancy fitness or exercise class. But they could actually be putting you at more risk of developing incontinence and prolapse issues that preventing them.

Really, it is the postural, lifestyle and movement habits that you already have when you get pregnant that create weaknesses, stress and pressure in your body that in turn increase your risk of  sneeze pee, incontinence or prolapse.

A pregnancy fitness and birth preparation class needs to work on creating

  • A yielding pelvic floor
  • An understanding of how to sit and stand in alignment
  • Strength in the glutes and hamstrings
  • Breathing techniques that don’t increase pressure in the abdominal cavity
  • Motivation for you to move more and sit less
  • An education on how to lift and carry to avoid strain to your back, knees and pelvic floor especially if you have a toddler to care for whilst you are pregnant

in order to create a strong, comfortable pregnancy and a smoother, easier birth.

I work with a lot of postpartum clients often years after their babies have been born and it has always been an aim of mine to create pregnancy fitness classes that work on balancing and strengthening approach to birth preparation, to prevent sneeze pee, incontinence or prolapse as prevention is always better than cure.

Many pregnancy exercise classes focus on stretching and opening the hips – but often the case is that strengthening, moving better and moving more are more appropriate and greatly lessen the odds of pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal separation and birth trauma.

If you would like to join me in weekly pregnancy fitness classes in the Ipswich area block of 6 sessions £54. Email to book your place.

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