Exclusively Pumping Breastmilk

The second edition of this book was launched this week. As a mum who found herself exclusively pumping for my second baby, I know what a very different journey this is from exclusively breastfeeding. Not just the physical aspect of having to pump but the emotional journey. From grief about not being able to breastfeed to the very hard job pumping is. But so very, very rewarding. There are many reasons mums decide to exclusively pump, and it is recommended by World Heath Organisation as the second best way of feeding your baby. However, there is very little information and support around on this subject.

Stephanie explains that the majority of mothers do not choose to exclusively pump, it is something they find themselves doing because of health issues or  poor breastfeeding support. But when you are on this journey you really do need a lot of support, and this is what this book can provide. From a discussion on the emotions of exclusively pumping, establishing and maintaining a supply, how to choose and use a breast pump effectively, storing milk, overcoming problems through to weaning.

I found this book fascinating, useful and informative, especially the chapter on the physiology on milk production – probably one of the most clear and easy to understand descriptions I have read.

Exclusively pumping is so very different to pumping and breastfeeding and there is lots to be taken into consideration – not just the type of pump you need but how to ensure that pump is designed purposely for exclusive pumping, how to keep your supply up (many health visitors, doctors and midwives are under the impression that exclusive long term pumping is not possible.)

I feel this is a book that really deserves a place in the library of any one working with mums and mums to be. Written by a mum who found herself unable to breastfeed and with 10 years of supporting other EP’ing mums Stephanie writes sympathetically and with much knowledge on her subject. A well researched , practical and informative book.

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