Filling Your Cup

Ever sine I became a mum there has always been a saying floating around, usually after someone is struggling with their child ‘you ‘re cup is empty, you need to fill it’ . I understand that drained, tired, impatient time, where I become a grumpy, snappy, shouty mum. And have always looked for ways to fill my cup. Frustrating though on the days where even though I have had a huge amount of time for myself, I still ended up feeling more frustrated.

Recently I was told about the Hawaiian Bowl of Light – whereby the light is your spiritual essence and needs to be cared for well. But if there is any fear, shame or resentment this appears in the light bowl as a stone and eventually blocks out the light and the person becomes a stone. It is important to remember to tip the bowl upside down and empty the bowl of stones so your light can shine out strongly.

Then I heard the Buddhist teaching of the scholar who wanted to learn from the Zen Master. He talked and talked about all he knew and all he could do. The Zen Master made tea and started to pour it into the scholars cup, as it reached the brim he kept pouring and the cup overflowed. The scholar shouted, “stop what are you doing” and the Zen Master replied “you are full of ideas and thoughts so there is no room for me to put anything in’

And after a conversation with a participant in my Birth Art Cafe yesterday, I had been pondering whether in fact when we become impatient and angry,  our cup is too full, however much filling of it with ‘me time’ we try and do none will fit in. Which is why we become even more stressed and angry and resentful. Maybe we should remember that our cup is too full, to full of caring for others, to full of ‘should’s’ , too full of ‘jobs to do’ of niggling thoughts, of worries. And what we really need to do is take time to empty our cups each day so our light shines through and we have space for allowing ourselves a few minutes  to fill it with beauty, peace, breathing and stillness.

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