Are glasses casts for your eyes?

Shortsighted musings

Glasses and contact lenses and casts for the eyes.

My eyes have always been ‘an issue’ when I was really tiny I used to have to go to the hospital to have drops put in my eyes and look through a machine to see when a cartoon mouse went under a cartoon bridge, I was in early primary school and had to wear a patch over one eye during the day which meant I wasn’t allowed out in the playground and felt awkward and embarrassed.
I was given intricate pictures to colour in as they would help my eyes work better but all they did was give me a headache so I refused to do them.

I first got glasses when I was 7 and contact lenses when I was about 14 or 15 I can’t remember exactly when.

As I studied movement more though I started to get a bit curious about my eyesight. How short-sighted was I really. My life so far consisted of rushing from bed to bathroom to get my contact lenses in and from bathroom to bed after I had taken them out – I had just believed that I was too short sighted to be without.
So I started leaving my lenses out for a while in the morning and feeling and experiencing what it was like . I was reading that short -sighted was linked to over tight eye muscles so to combat that the eye muscles needed to be lengthened so for example archery would be a useful activity to do, giving your eyes a rest from close work was very important and giving them outdoor time without glasses or contact lenses was important to get healthy sun light and to ‘bathe’ in nature.

I started to go for walks with my glasses on and take them off for most of the walkand do eye exercises and massage every morning. I am starting to see improvements in my vision which I find astounding really.

Which brings me to glasses – most glasses these days are oblongs or rounds which really limit the eyes movement – they fix in that small area and if you need to look around you are forced to look around by moving your head not your eyes – so allowing your eye muscles to get weaker and weaker – off course the great big glasses of the 70’s are out of fashion these days – if you are not a regular of opticians have a look next time and see how all the frames are similar shapes – but the big lenses of the unfashionable glasses would allow you to look with your eyes so much more.

Overusing your head and neck muscles obviously causes issues itself with lack of circulation of oxygen and nutrients and elimination of waste products so it makes me wonder are the style of glasses we are using causing even more problems to our eyesight?

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