How do you visualise birth?

An essential part of birth preparation is to explore and release your fears and anxieties or ‘paper tigers’ as Pam England refers to them, that may spring up and slow down or even stop your labour.

Giving yourself time to sit with these fears, anxieties and worries doesn’t allow them to take hold, instead, sitting with these feelings allows you to release them.

Working through the questions of what are the fears? Is there anything you can actively do to avoid this happening? Do you need to ask questions of your midwife? Do you need a doula? Do you need to talk to your partner?

Birth is an unknown, it is unpredictable so what if there is nothing you can do to stop it? What if birth takes an unexpected turn? How can you prepare yourself to be more resilient? How can you tap into your inner strength? How can you discuss with your care providers so you can make informed decisions at the time? How do you manage to let go and go with the flow knowing this is the right path for you so you can come out of birth feeling positive and empowered?

Maybe you find out your fears are ungrounded? That they are based on birth myths, or someone else’s story.

What are the tools you can use to discover these paper tigers?

Journaling, drawing, painting, meditation, talking. Often just asking ‘what are your fears leaves you with a blank mind. But asking specific questions like the one at the start of this blog, helps you focus and to allow your thoughts to flow.

How do you visualise birth?

Rosie Dhoopun is a  Movement teacher an antenatal teacher, pregnancy coach and VBAC Supporter. She has trained in Pregnancy exercise and birth preparation, Pelvic floor restore and diastasis recti rehabilitation. Which means as well as movement education she also knows how to apply this to pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She has also trained in Dancing for Birth and Pregnancy and postpartum massage therapy, Rebozos for pregnancy, labour and postpartum and delivering evidence based research around pregnancy and birth

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