International Babywearing Week – 5th – 11th October 2014

Shout it Out Sunday

IBW is a celebration of using slings and baby carriers – the idea is to show how slings and carriers can help with everyday life as well as having numerous benefits on baby and caregiver.

Each Year Babywearing International has a conference and around that time runs International Babywearing Week. The topic of this years celebration is “Share the Adventure”. Each day from Sunday to Saturday there is a daily topic to help local communities share the knowledge, love and benefits of carrying your baby in a sling.

This year for International Babywearing Week Nature and Nurture wants to hear about your experiences with babywearing. I would like to take the opportuntiy to show what an amazing place Suffolk is for sharing the love of babywearing. So I am looking for blog posts, photos, videos, poems, songs or anything else that you think of that embraces each topic.

The first topic is “SHOUT IT OUT SUNDAY” – what role has the internet and social media played in your babywearing experience? What can you do today to be heard and seen in your community? Arrange a volunteer opportunity, take to the streets and show other caregivers what babywearing is all about.

We live in a beautiful County and I wanted to take the opportunity to show off Suffolk as well as shout out the benefits and joys of using slings. We have countryside that has inspired Constable, Gainsborough and Britten. Ancient woodlands. Historic market towns. Suffolk is the home of the Throroughbred industry and the most easterly point of England. Fantastic coastal lines with one of the best birdwatching places in the UK.

Inspired by the ‘Ipswich Revealed’ tourist video I thought it would be fantastic to combine the beauty of Suffolk with the beauty of carrying your baby in a sling, into a ‘Suffolk Seen from a Sling’ video. So email me your photos showing Suffolk Seen from a Sling (remember to let me know which area of Suffolk it is) so we can create a video showing all that we love about Suffolk. (please get your photos to me by 29th August 2014)

Alternatively if you want to cover the topic with a poem or blog post send that in as well. I will put up as many as I can on Nature and Nurture’s blog with a view to making something accessible online to show off our wonderful babywearing County of Suffolk.

Email your photos, poems, videos, blog posts etc to me at and use International Babywearing Week in the subject line.


Let’s celebrate together!

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