International Home Birth Day

The Birth Place Study showed that generally home was the safest place for low risk second time mums.

This was a study to look at the different places for birth and the safety for mother and baby as well as costs implications. It is an interesting study you can find some information about it here.

I’m, of course interested in transfer rates and wonder about the preparation of the mother and the skills that the birth attendants had to mitigate any issues, such as failure to progress.

My first birth was a planned home birth but with a failure to progress I was eventually transferred to hospital and had a failed ventuse and then forceps delivery. It was very traumatic and the interventions were incredibly painful and recovery was slow.

With my third I planned a home birth and actually had a freebirth with my partner and older son and doula in attendance. This was such a healing experience and wonderful not to be hustled off for a shower or bath afterwards, and instead have that time to be with my baby. To go to bed with him and wake up with him in my arms after a relaxing nights sleep rather than the hustle and noise of a ward.

I think that the preparations I made really helped achieve the home birth, first physical preparations so my baby was able to move as he needed and my body was strong and flexible to open and hold necessary positions.

The emotional work I did before, birth art, affirmation flags, meditations and lots of walking as well as ensuring I had someone I knew and trusted there with me (my doula) made such a difference.

I wonder if I had prepared better (had been told how to prepare my body ) and if I had had someone with me who had lots of skills to use during labour (such as affirmations and rebozo techniques) whether my first birth would have been at home too.

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