Lots happening….

I have been very impressed with my procrastination skills these last few weeks, it is one of my main skills and I think I am a real master at it.

I have loads of subjects to blog about but haven’t yet really worked out which direction I want to take this blog, so have put off writing ANYTHING!

But the last few weeks has been so busy full of new things happening and some big realisations. On the home front we are enjoying meeting all the local home education families. There is so much to do it is really hard to fit it all in (and I was worried about filling our days). This does make it a bit of a squeeze to fit in business stuff but is making me explore my organisation skills (they are not great) and working out how to improve (be kind to myself and remmeber to celebrate even the smallest step).

With the business things are really starting to move, I am putting all the plans I have into action (not sure what I was waiting for – oh yes that’ll be the procrastination kicking in). I have met some lovely local ladies who are just starting their businesses too, we are starting to work together and have some exciting plans for the future. (watch this space).

I can reveal there are some new slings arriving soon for the sling library (but am going to be mean and make you wait to find out what they are). And there are some interesting plans afoot for the shop.

Exciting times ahead!

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