Mamas’ Morning Retreats

P1010928I have been a mum for nearly 7 years now! So many lovely memories already, but one thing that always needs working on is filling my cup. This is a subject that comes up in countless blogs, articles and discussions on the internet, magazines, books and at any meeting involving lots of mums.

The exhaustion, the worry, the noise, the solitude, too much socialising, too many things to try and juggle. That can all be coupled with dealing with many health problems, baby blues, post natal depression, dealing with birth traumas, not getting enough time to rest after illness. Trying to research your child’s latest developmental stage.  (Oh, and probably loads more things). All lead to an empty cup which needs to be filled by something, the elusive ‘me time’.

But one thing I noticed was that the times when I did get some time to myself I felt rushed, anxious, on one hand trying to fit in lots of nice things but also trying to get some rest. And the family would always come home before I was ready – I ended up feeling grumpy because I just hadn’t managed to fill my cup nurture myself, relax, acheive something. It was hard not to feel selfish for wanting so much more time to myself and a nagging feeling that I needed MORE time away from my family.

Last year I came across the notion of needing to empty your cup before it could be filled and this was one of those light bulb moments. (I wrote a little about it here)

Last year I trained to become a Birth Art Cafe Facilitator and ran several sessions. I learnt about how the act of painting helps you become more in tune with your right brain and therefore our emotions. How by allowing yourself to paint but with no particular aim in mind so many emotions, fears, strengths can be discovered deep inside yourself. Birth Art can be used brilliantly as a birth preparation tool, helping examine and release any fears (even those you might not realise you are holding onto) and discovering those inner strengths, that wisdom every woman has. The ability to deal with any situation that arises.

I also saw it work so well with mums of older chldren. And the feedback showed how benefical all the participants found it.

Later on in the year I managed to get onto a Dancing for Birth facilitator course – I was so excited – I had seen how dancing could be used during birth – for example by keeping labour progressing well and relieving pain. And I loved learning belly dancing , African, Caribbean and Latin moves and the idea (very similar to Birth Art) that it wasn’t to do with getting perfect steps but by getting people up and moving. (so important for birthing – to get off a bed and get moving)

An idea was forming and bubbling away and I patiently waited to see what was coming. It took a while and a few false starts, but what finally cemented it for me was attending freedancing and 5 rhythms dancing sessions. Amazing, revitalising, healing, releasing, joyful movement.

And so is born the Mama’s Morning Retreats. 3 hours plus time for a shared lunch, to not only fill your cup, but to first empty your cup. A combination of art, creativity, dance, support, sharing, listening and being listend to. A time to discover more about yourself, to find those strengths and that wisdom you have but has been buried.

Although just half a day it will truly be a retreat a nurturing, reflective, safe, space to come together with other women and feel content, re-energised and satisfied with life again.

Retreats will start in April on a Sunday morning and be held in Bealings. Cost will be £40 (early bird prices of £35 will be available). If you would like to be notified of the date for the first retreat (or be on the list for future retreats) please email

No art or dance experience necessary. All welcome no matter how old your children are. (babes in arms welcome but unfortunately it won’t be the right environment for toddlers)

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