Moontime Musings


What if  a girls education about periods spent more time on understanding a cycle and the different phases?

What if that education also discussed the emotional and physical aspects of  those phases?

What if we used our cycles as the basis of our self care?

What if we learned what moods we would be in at each phase, our energy level at each phase, what foods we craved and needed at each phase?

What if we could use this information to help us plan our weeks and days, we knew when we would need space to rest and huddle away , or when we would feel more creative, or when we felt the urgeto get out and socialise?

Maybe we could use it to know which times we would be better at cleaning or at financial planning or coming up with new ideas?

Maybe we would know when not to try and do something so we made sure we don’t set ourselves up to fail, or berate ourselves for ‘no motivation’, or ‘laziness’ or ‘scattiness’

What if we used our cycles as ways to love and honour ourselves rather than view ourselves as disgusting, messy, dirty?

What if we knew ourselves that little bit better?

I bet there will be plenty of women who will say -” oh yes but….” and come up with 101 reasons why this just isn’t possible – why not care for yourself, really care and spend that energy on working out what you CAN do for yourself?

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