My swimming journey

Today was my first time to swim with my goggles and nose clip. Since beingon my movement journey I am loving the chance of exploring and experimenting having some ideas of ways I might improve and doing mat work to create the foundations to change.

For swimming that has included shoulder mobility and strength, hand strength and hip extension and psoas release in particular.

The first thing to overcome at swimming was actually putting my trust in my equipment and putting my face into the water. I am finding this getting easier – and explained how I was able to conquer my fear of heights to do the climbing wall a few months ago.

But wow! What a change – having my face in the water made me so streamlined I shot through the water – breaststroke I tried first and being able to see the floor of the swimming pool speeding past was so much fun, exhilarating almost.

The first time I held my breath the whole way and soon realised I needed to stop that! So I had time to play with blowing bubbles as I breathed out and lifting and turning my head for a breath in. It was interesting and made it easier . But today the hour and a bit in the pool really sped past. I enjoyed it so much.

I had a go at diving for sinking toys – something I always was so frightened of doing, but had fun working out how to angle my body so I could get down there, and was impressed at how long I could hold my breath.

I had a quick go at back stroke and front crawl and found it easier to do front crawl without the noseclip – my shoulder mobility has improved loads and I don’t need to rotate my body to circle my arms, and I can keep a circle that keeps really close to my body.

I am minded of the article on the importance of keeping your head in the water whilst swimming – if you swim with your head out of the water – and yes this is why I wanted to get a noseclip and goggles – swimming with your head out o f the water causes a rib thrust, which in turn compresses your lower back and puts pressure on your abdominals and pelvic floor.  So it is important to be very mindful of your swimming posture if you choose swimming as one of your main fitness activities.

The icing on the watery cake was being able to swim a length with my toddler on my back. I have ALWAYS wanted to do this but never been a strong enough swimmer but it seems even fortnightly swimming has changed that – and maybe the confidence increase has helped.


Rosie Dhoopun is a Movement Teacher, Pregnancy Exercise Specialist and Postnatal Rehabilitation Specialist (pelvic floor dysfunction and diastasis recti). A keen horse rider but taking a break while her two sons have the horse bug she is enjoying improving her swimming and running after several decades break, you can follow her journey via this blog.

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