New Parents Information Evening

So last night was the first New Parents Information Evening organised by myself, Katie and Faye from BabyCalm and Candy from Lazy Daisy.

From initial idea it had grown quite quickly, with 8 speakers keen to come and talk to pregnant and new parents about how their therapy or course could help them through pregnancy, labour and with their new baby. After spending the weeks posting notices, organising goody bags and rearranging the running order of the speakers, I was prett nervous by the Sunday before. What if noone came?

6.30pm last night all the speakers first met together and had a very interesting discussion on what they all did, we set up and awaited our guests.

I have to admit it was a slow start, by the time Jan from La Leche League spoke we only had 4 pregnant ladies (and one father) with us. Managing to hide my disappointment I contented myself with the thought that that would be 4 more people who would leave with some valuable information. However, during Judith Timmins talk on Cranial Sacral Therapy more ladies started arriving and part way through my talk another group of people arrived (another dad as well). So all the chairs were full. Exciting!

Kelly from Berry Clever Nutrition had bought some samples of her food so we took the opportunity for a break, a munch and a chat. (And I must mention raw chocolate – my goodness that is beautiful! and what is more is healthy!)

The speakers for the second half were Dawn Waterhouse, Homeopath; Dr Judith Shelley, Acupuncturist and Faye and Katie from BabyCalm. (Unfortunately Candy, Lazy Daisy and Shelley Mama2Mama could join us this evening).

I took two main things from this evening – firstly about colic -it was a recurring theme and Jan, Judith Timmins, Kelly, Dawn, and myself all mentioned possible reasons and potential treatments of this stressful problem.

Another interesting pregnancy problem was mentioned by a couple of therapists, breech babies. I remember the worry having a breech baby can cause and am always interested to hear of ways of helping the baby turn into the optimal position for birth. Dawn talked about homeopathy to help with this and Judith Shelley explained Moxybustion as another way of allowing the abdominal muscles to relax and allow the baby to turn.

I hope everyone enjoyed themeselves and took away lots to think about. And big thank you’s to all the speakers. We will definitely be holding more of these so watch out for future dates.


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