FIrst Open Library Session

Saturday 11th February saw our first open library session. It was a fantastic success. After the inital worry first thing in the morning of ‘will anyone come?’. I was amazed by how many people turned up.
Finding myself demonstrating a stretchy wrap to five people was nerve-wracking as I hadn’t prepared myself for the possibility!So useful for them to see how simple it was to wrap a long piece of material around them and how secure and safe it was for baby.
5 slings went out on hire – which was proof to me that the library service is something that isĀ  a perfect way for parents to find the best sling for them.
I loved seeing how different slings fitted various sizes and ages of babies (and build of parents)- really interesting to hear how parents found different slings how subtle differences such as thickness of padding, length of wrap or width of straps can make so much difference to comfort and ease of use.

The most popular carriers this time were soft structured carriers (SSC’s). I was very impressed with the new EmeiBaby and looking forward to hearing a review on it.

We even had families from Essex (one from Chelmsford!).
It was a tiring but truly satisfying day and I am looking forward to running these on a monthly basis. (and thinking of a snappier name for the event – suggestions welcome).

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