Pelvic Floor Restore -is fear holding you back?

I’ve been observing with people who come to classes or buy the online class that they don’t start the work or don’t do the work between classes.

The most common response is that there isn’t enough time. We know that there is always enough time.

So I think it is worth looking a little deeper. The pelvis and pelvic floor is our energy centre, our creative centre, If we live in anxiety or have had a traumatic experience or had a big scare it causes tension within our bodies and this tension can be held in the pelvic floor.

And it can become a habitual state to hold the tension in your pelvic floor and we know that the majority of cases pelvic floor dysfunction is a result of an overtight pelvic floor rather than a weak pelvic floor.

The exercises and work is about releasing, but we know that there is a really strong connection between the mind and the body. So if you are holding the fear – you can do as much as much releasing work as possible but until you start addressing the fears, the trauma or the habit of always being in an anxious state then the work , booking the class, opening that first lesson or doing the work inbetween classes

There are lots of ways to release those fears – to start you need to understand them. You can do journaling , art, creativity, meditation.

Just offering the exercises feels very superficial to me at the moment and that what you need is a space to address these fears and release them so you can feel safe to start doing the physical work.

Here is a meditation on connecting to your pelvis and after this I invite you to spend some time journaling what thoughts and feelings come up for you.


Prefer to listen? watch here

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