Pregnancy Alignment and why it matters

I have spent the whole summer in my Vibram Five Fingers, which has taken me a while to achieve because even though I have never worn high heels my alignment is very poor, getting a lot better  I certainly am much more aware of how I hold  body – to the extent that my knee and back ache has eased off considerabl and now happens at times rather than a daily occurrence.

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In November I wore my wellies to the local fireworks display. This also involved a lot of standing in one place and I really felt it by the end of the night. My 14 week bump felt like a 30 week one, my back was sore, my knees ached, my feet ached. I hadn’t hurt this much in a longtime.  You can see my wellies don’t have a huge heel  but it’s enough to displace my knees, hips and back and cause me lots of discomfort. Luckily I had plenty of exercises to do to help get myself back together.

Since getting rid of the sofa (or at least one of them the other one is mainly a den for our son. We sit on the floor so there’s lots of getting up and down – practicing this without using my hands to push myself up or lower myself. Lots of position changes and propping myself up with bolsters and half domes. But I have also noticed why I have been getting twinges down the left side of my abdomen, which has been concerning me – I guess with becoming more aware of my body I notice things more. Whilst sitting I tend to collapse over to the right so cramping up my right side and over stretch m left which can lead to these twinges so am busy working on that as well.

Keeping  fit and strong in pregnancy – is important  because being out of alignment can cause issues for your baby to get into an optimal position to move and descend into the pelvis and through the birth canal, and also on your own birthing experience. If you have weaknesses or have over tight muscles it can impact on how well you can move or hold various positions during labour and birth and also slow down your recovery afterwards – even if you are having a planned cesarean the fitter and stronger you are will mean that you will recover faster and cope with the operation better.

I am working really hard to improve and work on my health and fitness  during this pregnancy.(and by fitness I mean easing muscle tensions, strengthening weak muscles, and keeping plenty of movement rather than just exercise into my daily habits) A lot of the time this is just me berating myself for not haing done enough – but I am working on switching that around to creating as much movement in my day as possible. So as well as getting up and moving every 30 minutes if I am writing or doing admin, bending and stretching more whilst cleaning  it is also incorporating exercises certainly into my morning routine and trying to remember to include them in the evening as well.

Lots of dance as well – the belly dance moves work so well at moving the pelvis and unknotting muscles and after a rather stress filled morning this week I can vouch that it is a great stress reliever too.

We don’t always get out for a walk everyday  certainly harder now the clocks have changed and the nights are drawing in, but I am happy with 3 times a week.

Here are some of the things that are part of my morning routine.


12246902_10153705117503745_7362280871098472905_n Calf stretch  – one of the most important stretches!






12241500_10153705116813745_6022279123675826718_n Monster walk – strengthening the muscles around the pelvis, will help stabilise the pelvis prevent any pelic girdle issues





12196213_10153705118473745_2507777972913561482_n Balancing on the wobble cushion





12246806_10153705177268745_1042185569842318337_n Stretching the inside of the legs





12366200_10153777019993745_5486055409046995049_nThis was a challenge from Nutritious Movements’ Advent upper body challenge  it was exciting to discover I could do this – although not yet got the confidence or strength to do a full handstand I am enjoying doing this everday.







946112_10153808556488745_7625140499007738288_nWe hadn’t gone out for a walk for a while and I am also really keen to get over my fear of walking barefoot over different terrains = backgarden is feeling a bit easy. I am noticing my real aversion to the thought of walking barefoot in different areas so thought I’d challenge myself to walking up the garden barefoot in January! Naturally I urged my son to come along who did it but thought it was the craziest idea he had heard of! (It was freezing)






I haven’t worked out an ending to this blogpost so leaving it here.

What have you found useful for getting yourself and your children some movemement in each day – particularly as we are in the middle of a wet winter? Come and share your thoughts and discoveries on our Nature and Nurture Natter group.

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