Pregnancy – OUCH!

This week I have been feeling some pain and niggles in my symphysis pubis. Not something I have experienced before (except in my first pregnancy when I climbed over a fence and felt a bit of a twinge) but this is quite regular. Bit of a pain in more ways than the actual ouch of walking really. Especially as I am much ore aware of my body this pregnancy and making efforts to keep myself aligned.

Yesterday when I couldn’t skip with my son through town and he said ‘oh it’s because of the baby weight’ that I have been determined to solve why I am having these issues.

I am doing a lot of sitting  even though it is on the floor and I’m changing position a lot it i still a lot of being sedentary. And I have foudn that I am sitting in more of a ‘W’ position which links with a weak core and tucked pelvis and comes hand in hand with a rounded bak (I have been having my laptop too low so yep round my back to see the screen and type.

I noticed that when I got out and walking I would be fine again but then driving or sitting back to hurting. I am doing a couple of online challenges which involve lots of computer, writing and crafting which is why I am more still than I usually am.

Symphisis Pubis Disorder (SPD) happens during pregnancy because the ligaments at the joint at the front of your pelvis loosen ready for birth. If the muscles around your pelvis, hips and gluteals are not strong enough to hold the pelvis in place or as you’ve read above you are not thinking of your alignment and posture during everyday tasks, the joints in your pelvis move and become unstable  causing pain.  I’ve seen it get very bad and even end up with the woman needing bedrest. So the best thing is prevention  so good alignment and exercises that can help keep the hips, gluteals and pelvis strong (a lot of belly dance moves come into this category) but if you’ve got to the point of some pain there are still things that can be done.

So I’ve been doing a lot of the calf stretches and monster walking I described on the previous post (Pregnancy Alignment and Why it Matters)

But also working on my hips strength so some balancing on one foot, wrapping a rebozo around my pelvis at night has helped too.  But still not 100% so I did some searching and found this awesome video which I thought I would share  I just quickly ran through the exercises and it has improved things already  so I will be writing down the exercises and getting to work on them several times during the day.

6 Exercises for SPD (Pelvic Pain)Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction – otherwise known as pelvic pain during or after or regardless of pregnancy. SPD can be super painful but is treatable! These exercises work wonders. (Excuse my set – I am away at the moment.)

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