Shout it out Sunday IBW 2014

“The first topic is “SHOUT IT OUT SUNDAY” – what role has the internet and social media played in your babywearing experience? What can you do today to be heard and seen in your community? Arrange a volunteer opportunity, take to the streets and show other caregivers what babywearing is all about.”

The internet has helped me with finding my first slings, finding local mums who used slings (and became firm friends), find out lots about how to use slings and the various types and take a brief foray into the murky depths of the various brands.

Natural Mamas became the first forum I ever used and from here found out about the first Babywearing Consultants course I went on. Through this I made more friends, who have been with me on my professional journey and together we participated in our second training weekend. And from there my third.

Through the internet I have watched the profession of Babywearing Instructor grow, the number of sling libraries dramatically increase and been part of the wonderful pool of knowledge and experience that is generously shared from instructor to instructor all across the world.

It’s over a year now since I had a baby in a sling which does feel odd because it was the first thing I picked up in the morning and the last thing I put away at night. I no longer spend hours drooling over various types of wrap for myself, but instead read the discussions on the instructor forums about the latest new sling and reviews of them.

I am sad I cannot do as much for IBW this year as I have so much else to concentrate on but will enjoy seeing others celebrations over social media.

Keep your baby close enough to kiss!

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