Stuck at home with the kids? Here’s how to get some fun movement in to your day.

With the worry of quarantine hanging over our heads and the possibility of school closures imminent I thought I would bring together some fun movement options that the whole family can get involved in – then instead of bouncing off the walls and getting under each others skin you can create some fun movement sessions together.

1) Obstacle course
What can you find to walk over that encourage you to balance eg cushions, folded up blankets, we have these awesome river stones from Gonge

what can you find that you can crawl across – even just a belt on the ground is useful as you can walk along it or crawl along it.

Something that is a bit wobbly. Something to crawl under – eg a blanket

It doesn’t need to be complicated or involve lots of things, there are plenty of ways to get round this obstacle course, walk round, go round backwards, crawl round and go round all these ways but blindfolded as well.

2) Chin up bar – we have got so much use out of our £10 chin up bar, you can put it up at various heights to suit all ages and as well as hanging from it you can also crawl under it or if it’s low step over it – loads of different ways of moving different parts of your body.

3) Move like an animal – you could turn this into a Simon Says game, guess the animal, or have the animals written down on pieces of paper and pick one out of a jar. You can crawl like a cat (hands and knees) a bear (hands and feet) camel (both left arm and leg together) horse (hand then foot, then other hand and then other foot so you always have three parts on the ground), sideways (like a crab),  come up so you are hands and feet but facing the ceiling and go forwards, backwards and sideways (what animal does this seem like?) you can slither like a snake, or like a caterpillar, maybe you can roll like a horse, or curl up like a kitten. How else can you move like an animal (Want ideas? Check out these two books)

4) The floor is lava – move from one side of the floor to the other without touching the floor – if you don’t want people leaping on your furniture then you can have two cushions and use them to move across the floor.

5) Balance beam – you can use a belt on the floor here or use a plank of wood balanced on bricks if you want some height. Play walking across forwards, go backwards, sideways or crawl across. Then try them again but blindfolded this time

6) Foot pick up – this is a fun one for getting feet mobile and the brain working. Have some things on the ground and a bucket and practice picking things up with your feet and putting them in the bucket – you can use all sorts of things pebbles, fir cones, balls, sticks. If you want to make it harder you can balance on something while you do it.

7) Identify items with your feet – blindfolded try to feel what you are touching – use items such as sandpaper, pebbles, cushions, fabric, brush, balloon – whatever you can find (and wash after use if necessary of course)

8) Create an indoor texture box – after seeing how well your feet can identify textures make yourself an indoor texture box to walk on daily – this is great to wake up your feet, get them stronger and relieve restless legs and feet. Go out in your garden or when you are out on walks and see what you can collect, sticks, fir cones, stone of different sizes, use indoor items.

9) Mexican wave with your feet – see who can move their toes the most – can you lift individual toes? Can you do a Mexican wave with your feet? How much do you need to practice to get your toes more mobile?

10) Can you write and draw with your feet and non-dominant hand?

11) Get up get down challenge – how many different and challenging ways can you sit down and get up off the floor? Check out #getupgetdownchallenge on Instagram for some ideas.

12) Balloon football, tennis and catch – a good way to get a bit of energetic movement without fear of breaking things. 13) There are lots of online yoga classes aimed at children. My favourite is Cosmic Kids yoga, I love it so much I trained as a teacher, they also have some quiet, relaxation sessions.

Here are some old favourites but still great ways to get movement in

15) Simon Says

16) Twister

17) Hopscotch – mark out the squares with tape or on a large piece of paper and use a bean bag to throw onto the squares.

Rosie Dhoopun is a Movement Teacher with two energetic children at home so has become creative with how to entertain them and get the energy out on rainy days.

She also runs pregnancy fitness classes, pelvic floor restore classes and has two online courses available.

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