To trust your body you need to know and understand your bod

This morning I woke up and creaked and groaned out of bed. I’d had m la in but was paying the price! I don’t think there was a part of me that didn’t ache or hurt.

Whilst doing my stretches I was pondering how very different things are now I am not only conscious of what I need to do to fix my stiff, aching muscles but also understanding why they are hurting in the first place and being able to make a few simple changes to prevent their recurrence.

with pregnancy it seems that just one day of lack of movement or misalignment can instantly cause issues, pre pregnancy it did take a while for issues to manifest. although I am pleased to say that i am finding stretches to restore movement do work quickly as well.

I also love the fact that these stretches do not just need to be done as a programme – I don’t need to necessarily lay aside a portion of time to be able to do them, but find that it can be easy to incorporate them in m daily life – calf stretches whilst on the phone or preparing meals, lunges whilst folding and putting away washing, twists when washing up (particularly useful when you have no choice but to stand sideways – it can be handy to know how to do it in an effective manner), squatting preparation getting up and down onto a chair or birthing ball. and my particular favourite psoas stretch before getting out of bed.

By considering how I can incorporate various Restorative exercises into my daily life it means they get done – no running out of time or using the excuse ‘there are just not enough hours in the day’ and this works great for me as I often find the day can flow along pretty fast and before I realise it is bed time. It also means I do more of the exercises each day – if i have made time to do a row of exercises i can still add more during the day rather than undoing all my good work by getting back into the old bad habits of posture and body use.

It also works out so much cheaper – as someone who used to regularly go to a chiropractor to ‘get fixed’ only to find a week or so later the old aches and pains creeping back in – I can now work on my alignment myself and not only get rid of the pain but can strengthen my body so that it can work at it’s optimum.

It also makes me feel much better – rather than feeling fat, old and pregnant and getting really down about it i can get some stretches done, get the blood flowing, practice some belly dance moves and feel lighter, younger and agile again.

another plus point as the title of this blog post suggests – so often we are told we need to trust our bodies to give birth – this can be hard to do especially if they don’t seem to be able to cope with pregnancy – but if we can cultivate an understanding of what it is we are doing to create pain in our bodies and have the resources to fix and prevent them it gives us a greater belief and trust in what our bodies are capable of doing.

I fit in a couple of these exercises each week as part of my Dancing for Birth classes as well as discussing movement and lifestyle habits and how this can impact on pregnancy health, labour and birth. being able to pass this knowledge on is all art of the fun!

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