Why I got lost in natural movement

I’ve recently changed the direction of my services. It hasn’t really been a massive change, more going back to what I had originally intended to do which was to make a birth programme

I discovered natural movement in 2008, just after my first baby was born and I clicked with it immediately.

I had found what I had been searching for all these years, answers and understanding of why I had back and knee issues for so long.

Better still it made sense of the exercises I needed to do to make the changes I wanted.

Before this exercise had been something that you did to your body, either worked it hard to get it looking how you wanted, or to have more endurance. Or, in the case of yoga, it highlighted what I couldn’t do.

I was left feeling that I was weak, prone to injury, was uncoordinated and had no balance. I had lots of feelings that I was unable to do this or that and that I just had to put up with it.

Natural movement work showed me that there were changes I could make, it taught me the manual to my body. As a massage therapist I had learned the muscles but natural movement showed me in depth how they worked, and how the body fitted together and wasn’t lots of separate parts.

It showed me in greater detail the mind-body connection and over the last 12 years I have experimented and put in so much work until today where I am finally living in a body that I have so much more respect for, am so joyful living in and am able to take care of it so much better.

I got so involved in natural movement that I wanted to share it with everyone, I’ve run lots of classes both in person and online and inspired a few people. But, it hasn’t felt quite right. I’ve missed teaching pregnancy classes.

I’ve felt down that I wasn’t getting as many people into my classes as I wanted to and have been ready to jack it all in several times.

This break, the lockdown has given me space and time to be and think and not be in such a rush to run this class or that class and I’ve been able to remember that the natural movement was something I got into in order to run better pregnancy exercise classes. To help women better with relieving and preventing symptoms of pelvic, hip and back pain and even.

During my time taking pregnancy yoga based classes, training and teaching in the early days I saw so many women struggling, even to the point of being on crutches and there seemed no reason why they were in pain and not others. There was also very little offered in the way of help, physio seemed to help for a short while but not long term. And for some that pain or other symptoms such as incontinence or prolapse stayed with them after they had their baby.

So I found out why with my training and working in natural movement and now it’s time to take that and be able to put it to could use helping women have more comfortable pregnancies and more positive births.

With both online courses (Restore Your Pelvic Floor and Better Birth Method) and then in-person classes and in the future 1:2:1 work.

I’m excited, nervous – it seems a big hill again to climb, I have created a small following who know me for my movement classes but also have people who remember the birth work I did. It’s time to be true to my heart and trust it will all come together.

Rosie Dhoopun is a Birth Educator, Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Specialist and Birth Art Mentor.

Based in a little village in Suffolk she runs both online and in person classes (when circumstances permit)

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