Why movement matters

“Watch your habits, for they become your posture. Watch your posture, for it creates your boundaries. Watch your boundaries, for they restrict your growth. Watch your restrictions, for they create immobility. Watch your immobility, for it becomes your illness.” Katy Bowman

Your body is capable of moving in lots of different ways, it has an ability to run, lift, carry, throw, jump, crawl, hang and climb. But how often do you do these things?

The less you do the more you lose the mobility, flexibility, strength, co-ordination and balance. Use it or lose it, right?

We live in a convenience-rich society that has created more and more devises that cause us to limit how much we move. We then use exercise to try and regain strength and flexibility. However, high impact and aerobic exercise on a body that has weak, tight or imbalanced muscles can cause injury and damage.

If you find that you are struggling with chronic bac- ache, for example, it may not be that you have overdone things but that you aren’t moving your body enough on a regular basis.

Adding more movement, more opportunity for different and varied moves is the key to a stronger, more functional and more resilient body.

Corrective exercises help you untangle the problems a less that optimal posture has caused.

Finding ways to change your habits so you can increase the movement you do throughout the day allows your body to experience all the movement it craves to remain mobile and flexible, and making time to play to include movements you wouldn’t normally do: crawling, hanging, rolling climbing gives your body the extra-nutritious-movements your body needs to keep strong, mobile and resilient.

If you would like to start unknotting your muscles and unsticking your joints then join me in Ipswich for weekly Restore You movement classes. Starting 17th August 9am at Wild Ginger Health & Beauty 313 Woodbridge Road, IpswichIP4 4AX. £12 for pay as you go, £60 for a 6 week block or £40 per month.

Email rosie@labyrinthofnurture.co.uk to book your place

Rosie Dhoopun is a Movement Teacher and Pregnancy & Postpartum Exercise Specialist.




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