What can your feet tell you about the rest of your body?

Whichever class I am teaching always starts with the feet. A strong, balanced foundation is so important and assessing your feet can tell so much about what is happening in the rest of your body. Not just plates of meat. There are 33 joints in your feet, thousands of sensors on the soles and one … Continue reading What can your feet tell you about the rest of your body?

Why movement matters

“Watch your habits, for they become your posture. Watch your posture, for it creates your boundaries. Watch your boundaries, for they restrict your growth. Watch your restrictions, for they create immobility. Watch your immobility, for it becomes your illness.” Katy Bowman Your body is capable of moving in lots of different ways, it has an … Continue reading Why movement matters

Knees and the pelvic floor

How does your knee pain reflect on your pelvic floor health? Aching knees, knee surgery and knee replacement are seen as inevitable signs of ageing and wear and tear. The issue, though, is in how you walk and use your knees. Lots of sitting, heeled shoes, excessive tightness down the backs of your legs and … Continue reading Knees and the pelvic floor

Plantar fasciitis

Last week was the week of people asking about what they can do to help with their plantar fasciitis. Love it when people ask me about something because then I know what I can blog about next. What is plantar fasciitis? It is inflammation or degeneration of the plantar fascia where it attaches to the … Continue reading Plantar fasciitis

Can you release your pelvic floor?

Can you relax your pelvic floor? Not the first thought that comes to mind when you are working on strengthening your pelvic floor, right? It seems pretty counterintuitive to relax something that doesn’t seem to be strong enough to prevent wee leakage or to hold your organs in. The best pelvic floor exercise needs to … Continue reading Can you release your pelvic floor?