Mother Roasting – Postpartum nurturing

  Working on pelvic floor disorders is not just about alignment and movement, there are some other elements that you can be working on that will be of great benefit. From an energy point of view those with pelvic organ prolapse or pelvic organ weakness in general tend to have a cold belly. So looking … Continue reading Mother Roasting – Postpartum nurturing

Pregnancy exercise

Belly dancing and the Mobile Pelvis

Which kind of sounds like the perfect superhero duo! I quite breezily say my classes both pregnancy and postnatal work on getting a mobile pelvis, I also talk about a neutral pelvis and a tilted pelvis and sometimes mention a stable pelvis. The pelvis features a lot in my work (and I have just spent … Continue reading Belly dancing and the Mobile Pelvis

How to sit when you are breastfeeding

Neck, back and shoulder pain can be really common while breastfeeding, especially during growth spurts when babies can nurse for what seems like forever. There are a few things you can do to help to reduce the chances of aches and pains. 1) Make sure you are supported when you sit. You need make sure … Continue reading How to sit when you are breastfeeding