Closing The Bones

Closing the Bones at it’s essence is a deeply nourishing, nurturing, healing postnatal massage. It is used to help a mother who has given birth, whether recently or a while ago a chance to feel supported, honoured and celebrated. It gives a moment of stillness and calm to reflect on her journey as a mother.

You will be gently rocked in a shawl or scarf the rhythmical movement helping you to release any stress or tension, allowing worries and thoughts to melt away, bringing gentle movement to your body as it recovers from birth.

You will then receive a nourishing and gentle abdominal massage and be wrapped and cocooned in the scarfs for a while to feel at peace.

However you have birthed your baby and indeed however long ago you have birthed your baby this is for you.

The skills were passed onto me via two wonderful doulas (Maddie McMahon and Sophie Messager) , themselves taught by Rocio Alarcan an ethnobotanist who entreated them and us to ‘give this back to your culture, because you have lost it. And you need it back’.

If you are feeling ‘open’ from birth physically, feeling the need for someone to push you back together, if your thoughts are scattered and you are finding it hard to concentrate on daily life, if you are just not feeling right in your body after the birth of your baby then this massage is for you.

Introductory offer £40 valid until May 31st 2018 (Normal price £60)



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