Protected: 5 A Day

Protected: 5 A Day

Ankle circles

How have you got on with the foot mobility and strengthening?

This month we are going to move up to the ankles. There is a tendency to treat ankles as though they are pretty weak and need lots of support. Sprained ankles can often lead to corroborate this theory but what if we looked at it another way – by always supporting ankles (for example with sturdy shoes that encase the ankle, walking on flat surfaces and avoiding rough terrain we are actually weakening our ankles which lead them to be more susceptible to sprains and strains.

Your ankle joint is quite complex – it can move forwards, backwards, sideways and turn the foot so they can have the soles together and turn away from each other slightly. But how often do we actually allow this full range of motion?

Weak ankles can also lead to balance issues, knee and hip issues and restrict walking and running ability.

So this month we are going to explore exercises that can increase mobility and strength of your ankles. Take these exercises slowly, remember it’s small steps to avoid injury.

This week it is ankle circles. Build up to doing these several times a day and up to a minute per ankle – I know it doesn’t sound a lot but it may feel quite a lot of work to start with – 2 rotations per ankle is a great start.

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