Protected: 5 A Day

Protected: 5 A Day

Figure 8 or infinity circles

The ankle joint is such an underused joint, it has so many planes of motion and is so important to help us move and balance well.

Loss of mobility here leads us to prone to more slips and falls, it can change the way we walk which in turn leads to weakening of the hips. If the ankle is not mobile enough it means the knee and hip have to work harder to compensate. Overworked knees are just not fin (knees are on the agenda for next month – that’s going to be fun :))

Figure of 8 or infinity circles is an exercise that has only recently com eon to my radar and as you can see from the video it is an exercise that I need to practice lots. I have been doing these regularly since the video and am finding them much easier – so if you are struggling with this one don’t give up.

As usual be aware of what is happening to the rest of your body while you are doing this, clenching buttocks? grimace? Holding your breath? Is it easier if you try it in a different position  Рsay sitting on a chair or laying down completely flat? Have a play and find the way it is easier for you to do right now so you can keep positive. Try it in both directions as well.

Which ankle finds it easier?


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