Protected: 5 A Day

Protected: 5 A Day

Patella Centering

All 4 muscles of the quads pass over the knee joint, become the patella tendon and then attach to your shin just below he knee. Your patella or kneecap is embedded in the patella tendon. It should rest in the patella groove, however due to lifestyles, gait patterns, weak feet and underused hips there is a pull created that pulls it out of this groove and into a place that causes friction bone on bone and onto ligaments and tendons.  Which is what creates the pain and also wear and tear of the knee joint.

We looked at releasing tension in the quads last week with the quad stretch and knee cap release, this week we look at strengthening the quads so they can hold everything in it’s rightful place.

As with everything remember to have your pelvis in alignment for this one, also rotate your thigh so that your knee pits are centred. This move needs to be done without the pelvis joining in, if your pelvis moves you aren’t using yoru quads but your pelvis and as we will find out later on the psoas is a very overused muscle.

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