Protected: 5 A Day

Protected: 5 A Day

Single leg balance

We don’t often give ourselves the chance to practice balancing, we might even class ourselves as not very good at balancing. Allowing our balancing skills to deteriorate leaves us open to falls and falls can not only lead to injury but also starts to limit us on what we can do, or what we think we can do.

Here’s a simple way to start working on balancing and also strengthening your ankles.

Things to remember:
Keep your feet pointing straight ahead.

-Arms by your side

Now take note of what happens as you bend your knee to lift your leg off the ground.
What happens to your arms?
What did your shoulders do?
What did your face do!
Did you bend the knee of your standing leg, did this foot turn at all?

Whatever you have noticed about what your arms, shoulders and feet do as you balance is what is happening to your body with each step (it can start to help you unravel where that knee problem or back ache or bunion is coming from)

Try again and this time make sure you are keeping your standing foot straight, your arms by your sides and your shoulders away from your ears. Keep your face soft – even try a smile! This way you are training your legs and body to balance in a more optimal way that reduces strain on your joints and makes you stronger overall.

Once you have mastered this balance on the ground you can challenge yourself to try it on a folded towel which needs more strength. (but take it slowly if you are finding on the ground balancing hard then leave the towel bit for the month when we are focusing on balance)

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