Protected: 5 A Day

Protected: 5 A Day

Strap stretch – hamstring stretch

Stretching the hamstrings will undo a lot of the tightness of excessive sitting and help you to get your pelvis aligned. With a longer hamstring muscle you can then build strength which will improve your ability during walking, sitting and standing.

The important thing with this exercise is to keep the pelvis on the ground. As soon as you are using your pelvis to left your leg you won’t be stretching the hamstring.

Learning to use your leg without your pelvis becoming involved will improve how you walk and in turn relieve strain on your back, hip flexor and knee.

Keep the strap on the ball of your foot and to increase the stretch bring your toes towards you. If you then need to increase the stretch you can bring your leg higher.

Keep your elbows on the floor and wrap the strap round your wrists if you need to bring your leg higher.


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