Protected: 5 A Day

Protected: 5 A Day


Welcome to 5 A Day – your step by step guide to a stronger, more functional and resilient body.

This first week is about the basics.

We will cover:

1)Your mindset – so you get the best results from this course

2)The equipment you need

3)How to implement the lessons

4)Your first exercise and practice getting your 5 a day


1) Your mindset

The way you approach this course will greatly impact what you get out of it. It can be easy with an online course to not make it a priority, but this course is all about getting your body moving better. When it moves better, when all your joints can achieve their full mobility, when your muscles have no tightness or tension and are strong, that is when your body can function at it’s best.

This is when you will be much less prone to aches and pains, sudden pulls or strains and recurring injury.

The importance is in regular practice of the exercises, implementing habit changes and making your environment more movement friendly. This is what the course is all about. I will take you step by step so you aren’t overwhelmed, but will see improvements so you are motivated to keep going.

Rather than seeing these as exercises to slog through, take it slowly and enjoy the feeling in your body. Each exercise and movement practice is to be savoured, so you feel the nourishment it is giving to your body.

2) Equipment

I use yoga blocks, yoga straps, half foam rollers, bolsters and blankets as my main props. You can buy these if you don’t have them – or easily use what you have in your house. Being able to make use of what you find around you makes it easier to perform each exercise wherever you are – you don’t think ‘oh I don’t have the right piece of equipment with me so I can’t do any exercise here’

3) Implementing your 5 a day

Doing an exercise once as part of a routine is not effective as doing an exercise multiple times throughout your day. The key to this course is the number of repetitions sprinkled throughout your day. This changes your habits, changes the way you use your body and changes your life to a more movement rich one.

Take some time now to work out how best you can make sure you do each exercise regularly. Set a timer on your phone? Put post-it notes at specific locations around your home and work place? You may have other ideas (come and share them in the Facebook group)

You are looking at holding each exercise for up to a minute – to start with it may be that you are holding each one for just a few seconds while your body is getting used to moving or stretching that way, and that’s fine for now.

Of course you can do more than 5 repetitions a day but try to make it a minimum of 5.

So that’s it! You’re all set.

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