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Here are 7 foundation exercises essential for a comfortable pregnancy and smoother, easier birth.

Choose one exercise and practice putting that into your day, for example with calf stretch you could do it while you are brushing your teeth. Once this becomes habit you can add in another one.

If you enjoy having a structured routine there is a 10 minute video as an example of how you could fit them together (which includes 2 bonus exercises)

Equipment: For these exercises you need a chair, rolled up towel (or foam half roller) and a yoga bolster (or cushions and blankets)

Questions: If you have any questions you can ask in my Facebook group. Here is the link.

If you have enjoyed these videos and want to dive deeper into a birth preparation programme that is designed specifically to work on the muscles needed for birthing as well as giving you antenatal education and a chance to relax every week click the link to book your place today.



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