Restore your pelvic floor Taster

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Here are 7 foundation exercises for restoring pelvic floor function.

Choose one exercise and practice putting that into your day, for example with calf stretch you could do it while you are brushing your teeth. Once this becomes habit you can add in another one.

If you enjoy having a structured routine there is a 10 minute video as an example of how you could fit them together (which includes 2 bonus exercises)

Equipment: For these exercises you need a chair, rolled up towel (or foam half roller) and a yoga bolster (or cushions and blankets)

Access your pdf 5 Simple Steps to Kickstart Healing your Pelvic Floor here

Questions: If you have any questions you can ask in my Facebook group. Here is the link.

If you have enjoyed these videos and would like to take your learning and healing further you have three options:

4 hour group workshop £40
12 week group programme £120
1-2-1 coaching programme £240 for 3 sessions or £400 for 5 sessions

Working in person means I can help you with getting the exercises just right so you really gain the benefit of each. You benefit from a structured programme and regular updates, tips and discussions in closed Facebook groups and enjoy the company and encouragement of others as you heal together.

If you are interested in any of these options please use this form to contact me for more information.


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