Birth Fundamentals

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Are you pregnant and looking for an exercise class that is specifically designed to prepare your body for birth?

Birth Fundamentals is a unique birth preparation alignment and movement class created to make your pregnancy more comfortable, to get your body stronger and more balanced and allow your baby to get in the best position for birth.

Birth Fundamentals will help to reduce and prevent common pregnancy issues and will prepare the foundations for a smoother, easier birth.

More than your traditional exercise class, Birth Fundamentals is a 6 week birth preparation  programme that takes a whole-body and whole-life approach to pregnancy health and birth preparation.

The whole-body birth preparation gives you:

  • strong core and pelvic floor
  • balances and aligns your pelvis for a smoother, easier birth
  • helps you feel in control of your body so you feel confident about your upcoming birth
  • relieves, reduces and prevents many common pregnancy aches and pains including pelvic, hip, back and joint pain
  • aids postpartum recovery
  • an understanding of how changing postural and lifestyle habits will help you prepare for birth
  • strengthen your legs and improve your squat ready for labour


  • Foundations

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  • Section 2

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  • Section 3

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    • Lesson 21
  • Section 4

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    • Lesson 33
  • Section 5

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    • Lesson 46
  • Section 6

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    • Lesson 60



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