Create a Movement-Rich Life

Restore your health with natural movement.

Many of our common ailments are created by the way we move (or don’t move) our bodies. In order to restore good health you need to examine your postural habits and the way you move right now, then make the changes to increase the right sort of movement within your life.

Have you tried a variety of ways to help you gain, strength and mobility but always feel thwarted?

Are you wanting to find a way to live a more active life but want to prevent your symptoms getting worse. 

If you are committed to making postural and lifestyle changes, modifying your habits and creating yourself a more active and joyful life then Create a Movement-rich Life is for you.

This innovative, fun and exciting class is just what you have been looking for.

·         Look at your postural and lifestyle habits and how they are contributing to your issues.

·         Show you how to assess muscle weakness and imbalances

·         Learn corrective exercises to strengthen, balance and increase mobility

·         Identify changes you can make to your lifestyle and make essential habit modifications so you can add more movement into your life

·         Relaxation and breathing – key elements to allowing your body space to rehabilitate.

Suitable for anybody irrespective of your current fitness and mobility level. All you need is the desire to become fitter, stronger and more active and to make the commitment to yourself to create essential changes to your posture and lifestyle habits.

Your investment for good health is £39 per month. Classes are every Tuesday 7pm at Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Road, Ipswich

Classes start from 21st May .

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