Create a Movement-Rich Life

Regain your natural strength and mobility with natural movement classes

◊ Exercises and postural adjustments that help you move and feel better

◊ Learn essential breathing and relaxation techniques

◊ Say goodbye to nagging aches and pains and recurring injuries

◊ The mindful way to get fit and change how you feel

◊ Learn how to add more movement into your life and why this is essential for you to gain whole-body mobility

Gain the active life you have always wanted

Changing how you move will change how you feel, improve your health and help you feel stronger, more mobile and more flexible.  Natural movement classes are new to Suffolk and a great way to become more active, they are suitable for every stage of fitness level from the most sedentary to those who do lead an active life but are experiencing pain or injury and want to find out how to relieve and reduce their symptoms.

Your investment for good health is £39 per month. Classes are every Tuesday 6pm at Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Road, Ipswich

Classes start 6pm 4th June

FOR 4TH JUNE CLASS ONLY! Pay just £5 for this class to try it out!